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Hose and Metal Hose

A complete line of thermoplastic, rubber and metal hose products for use in industrial and commercial applications

Flexible Ducting

In our large catalogue you will easily find ducting for leaf collection, portable heating and venting system, fume and dust control, garage exhaust, abrasive transfer applications, etc.

Couplings and Accessories

Cam and groove, menders, brass pipe fittings, strainers, worm gear clamps, banding tools, strapping and buckles, regulators, filters, air tools, Teflon tape, etc.

Sheet Rubber and Gaskets

Sheet rubber and gaskets of different shapes to cover your needs

New England Rubber

New England Rubber has offered high-quality goods and services since it was founded in 1977. Our expansive catalog of industrial hose, couplings, and accessories can cover the needs of construction, manufacturing, trucking, and military markets. The hoses and metal hoses we stock are used for transition of air, water, steam, chemicals, fire, Teflon, oil, sandblast, propane, food, cement, etc. Flexible ducting offered by our company is a perfect solution for leaf collection, portable heating and venting, silicon and high temperature, fume and dust control, etc. With the help of rubber sheet and gaskets a wide array of commercial, government, and military specifications are solved. New England Rubber can crimp up to 6"ID Hose with our CC650 Custom Crimp Machine, and provide Hydrostatic Testing.

Our Guiding Principles

We work to provide you with high performance reliable industrial hose, couplings, and accessories following our guiding principles

Our Corporation

Thank you for considering New England Rubber. Quality and reliability are extremely important to us. Working directly with our customers, we aim to provide cost effective and time efficient solutions for any project’s needs.


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New Products

We keep you updated on new arrivals of industrial hose, couplings, and accessories

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About Us

When it comes to a job or project, there shouldn’t be any compromise. New England Rubber uses only the highest renowned and quality brands. We are NAHAD certified and stick to industry-leading performance standards for hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling and management.

Why You Should Use Our Services

As your hose vendor we aim to stock unparalleled product options for most applications. We accomplish this goal through:

  • Extensive inventory of custom-made products that enables us to speed up the solution of our customer's hose application problems to offer helpful advice.
  • Cooperation with manufacturers that are well known for hose-related innovations and safety of the products.
  • Considerable manufacturing history of some of our partners that lets us offer the very best products of their kind in the world.

This comprehensive approach is the cornerstone of our 40 years of success in the industry. We are always in touch with our customers to offer comprehensive advice on industrial hose, couplings, and accessories.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain the premium provider of hose systems in New England and beyond enabling our customers to efficiently solve their needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is uncompromised quality and safety of our products and services.

Together We Optimize Your Needs

We invite you to utilize the services of our team. Whether you need industrial hose, couplings or accessories, we’re ready to help. Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.



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